A trick to upload large files to box.com

Box.com limits the file size for personal accounts to 250 mb. For most usage this won’t be a problem, but there might be cases where you would like to save larger files to your account.

One way to work around this is to split your files with the split utility. However this means that you cannot work with your files easily, because you will need to join them back together before opening the file. However, there is a way to let Mac OS X handle the splitting of your files for you. This is done by creating a sparse disk image and saving the files on this image.

To create a new sparse disk image you can use the following command in terminal:

hdiutil create -size 2G -type SPARSEBUNDLE -fs HFS+J -volname LargeFiles ~/Box.com/LargeFiles

This will create the LargeFiles.sparsebundle directory in your Box.com directory. You can mount the disk image to work with your files as usual.


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