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This website is made with WordPress. WordPress will store a cookie on your computer in two cases:

  1. When you login with a username & password on this website.
  2. When you place a comment.

More details can be found on the WordPress website.

Statistics of website visits are recorded with Piwik. Piwik honors the “Do not track” header of your browser and you can opt-out through a ‘No tracking cookie’ as well.

Piwik keeps detailed, but anonymous logs of your visit. Piwik is the only web analytics tool is compliant with data protection laws. Data that Piwik includes records includes, but is not limited to:

  1. Pages visited
  2. Browser and OS used
  3. Location information:
    1. IP address with last byte masked
    2. Geo-IP based location
    3. language
  4. Hardware information such as screen resolution, type of device
  5. Installed plugins such as Java, Flash, etc.

This site runs on Apache HTTPD, which is configured to log each access to the website. Per request the following information is logged:

  1. Site visited
  2. Originating IP address
  3. User (if authenticated with Apache HTTPD
  4. Date and time
  5. HTTP Request header
  6. HTTP Result code
  7. HTTP Result size
  8. Referrer
  9. Browser agent

This information is amongst others used for security audits, anonymous statistical analysis. Logs are kept for one year.

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