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I’m an Classical Archaeology by education. I graduated from Leiden University in 1999 with a paper on the Etruscan City Walls. Since then I have been working in Information Technology.

I started at Mensys, where I was one of the developers of eComStation, an OEM version of OS/2 Warp 4.5 with many improvements. As part of my work I designed the eComStation 1.1 installer and lead the development team for eComStation 1.1. Next to my OS/2 development I worked on several in-house products for the automation of product management and the creation of a PDF product catalogue. As account manager I was also responsible for the Linux and VMware products. I consider it one of my successes that I negotiated the first international distribution of VMware.

In 2006 I joined Netco, where I was active as a Java Software Developer and Linux System Administrator. I developed or maintained several in house web applications, both intranet and consumer facing and I maintained a large amount of Linux and Solaris systems.

Since mid 2010 I am working for NBIC as a Scientific Programmer and Project Leader for the Biobanking Taskforce.

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